Working in the tourism industry for more than 15 years...

Working in the tourism industry for more than 15 years and travelling a lot, I soon

started taking my camera and taking photos for personal and professional purposes. I realized that I had a natural connection with the people I visited and that traditional travel photography did not reflect what I truly felt as I immersed myself in their cultures, interacted with them, sat in their homes and ate from their tables. This special closeness and intimate observations in their private environments are reflected in the images.

The warm people I encountered in Southeast Asia and South America were not sufficiently appreciated by this, and so I began to show a different experience in my images, developing my personal style over the years. From creating single image collections, I increasingly focused on documentary and reportage photography. I was always inspired by other cultures and lived in Thailand for several months. During this time I started working on my first

 documentary projects. A big project at that time was the...

documentary projects. A big project at that time was the reportage on one of the last self-employed pig butchers in the dark alleys of the glittering metropolis Bangkok, which was published by the "South East Asia Globe" in early 2020.

In my current project I am involved myself as a person affected: As a photographer living on location, I was directly confronted with the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley in July 2021 and dedicated twelve months to the photographic documentation of this terrible event from the perspective of six affected protagonists. This documentation consists of a long version with 68 pictures and a short version with 44 pictures and is currently being marketed via "dpa picture alliance" for the first anniversary in July 2022.

I consider myself a Visual Storyteller and want to show people the spectacular diversity of the world through the lens of aesthetic, but also raw and sometimes harsh reality.

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